premier microblading + pmu
northern va/washington dc metro area


RATE: $650* (includes initial appointment (consultation/procedure)  & one touch-up appointment 10-12 weeks after initial appointment; rate is subject to change )

Consultations are done same day before procedure begins. Before the procedure, you can also send clear pics of your brows by email and we will discuss your "brow story" (current shape, desired outcome with microblading) and medical history.

DEPOSIT/CONSENT FORM/BALANCE:  50%  non-refundable deposit due at booking. Your appointment is not secure until deposit is paid. Balance due immediately when service is complete via cash or credit card (sorry - no personal checks are accepted).  No refunds will be given on any services performed. No refunds on deposits due to cancellations or no-show.

CONSENT FORM: A consent form will be emailed to you closer to your appointment date. Consent form MUST be signed and emailed back  along with deposit.

TOUCH-UPS: your first touch-up is included in the price and will be scheduled 7-8 weeks from your initial appointment.   The touch-up is only on work done by Samira Brow Couture; no touch-up will be done on microblading performed by another artist

Touch-up 6 months - 9 months from last touch-up: $250*

Touch-up 10 months -12 months from last session: $350*

Touch-up 13-18 months from last session: $450

Touch-up 19-24 months from last session: $600

50% non-refundable deposit required to schedule paid touch-up. Please allow 48 hours or more to cancel or reschedule.  If you cancel less than 48 hours, the deposit becomes non-refundable (no exceptions) and additional deposit will be required to make a new reservation.

Touch-up appointments will be subject to the availability of the artist’s schedule. Please note that if you reschedule your touch-up appointment and it does not meet the complimentary time frame (within 8 weeks), touch-up fees will apply depending on when you reschedule it (see rates above).

*Rates are subject to change


LATENESS: if you are 15 minutes or more late, your  appointment is subject to being rescheduled or cancelled (deposit is nonrefundable)

NOTE THAT I DO NOT ALLOW ANYONE ELSE IN THE MICROBLADING ROOM DURING YOUR PROCEDURE and do not allow anyone to come in to approve the shape I will draw for you. Please trust my experience and recommendations as I have the best intentions for you and want you to look beautiful. If you feel it will be difficult to rely on my shape and experience and need to have someone else approve it, I highly recommend that you do not book the appointment as you are not ready for the procedure.  I find the more a client trusts me, the better the results turn out!

CANCELLATIONS/RESCHEDULE: please allow 48 hours or more to reschedule. Deposits are non-refundable if you reschedule less than 48 hours. If you cancel your appointment, you automatically forfeit your deposit.  All deposits non-refundable.  Rescheduled appointment is based on availability.  Please understand that while we understand unforseen circumstances may arise, such changes affect not only Samira's schedule, but other clients as well. 

If you cancel your touch-up appointment, and reschedule outside the 12 week complimentary touch-up window, a touch-up fee will apply depending on when next availability is (see touch-up rates above).

NO SHOWS: no shows are charged full price of appointment; if you no-show on your touch-up, you can reschedule the appointment and a touch-up fee will apply depending on next appointment availability (see touch-up rates above).

TOUCH-UP APPOINTMENTS: must be done no later than 12 weeks from date of your first procedure. If you can not perform the touch-up due to your own scheduling conflicts or do not show up for your appointment for whatever reason, a touch-up fee be charged for touch-ups after 12 weeks depending on next appointment availability (see touch-up rates above).

NOTE: microblading is an art not an exact science therefore healed results varies with each person. Samira Brow Couture makes no guarantees about how your brows will heal and you may need additional sessions for best results (at an additional charge).  Various factors affect healed results and Samira does her best to provide you with the best service with the high quality training she has received.  Please read the FAQ's and Before/Aftercare to determine if microblading is a good fit for you.